CORVIDINK is a graphic collective with a passion for beautiful images We help companies put their products in the market with visual content. Depending on the project, we work together with our team of graphic designers, makeup artists, web designers and content creators. However, our main activity remains photo and video.


We can tell you that the word “corvid” is derived from “corvidae” or “crowlike”, creative birds that can work well both in groups and alone.
We can divide the word into “COR”, “VID” and “INK” in a very ordinary way and quickly say that our Core (photo and) is Video and the Inc is deliberately written with a “k”.
Also completely in fashion is giving an abbreviation with each letter separately. The “C” stands for corporate, the “O” stands for omg we need words that match with our name, the “R” stands for…
But we are not going to do that.

We are CORVIDINK. We are content creators. We are professionals. We are a collective of creative people. We are strangely driven by a tireless project manager. We have one thing in common: we have passion for images.

  • Corporate photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Conceptual photography
  • Advertising
  • Documentary photography
  • Company video
  • Documentary
  • Social media
  • BTS
  • Brochures, posters and small printed matter
  • Magazines
  • Logo design
  • Make-up artist on set
  • Fashion
  • Stylist set
  • Point of contact
  • She coordinates the chaotic creatives and communicates directly with the clients
  • CORVIDINK works together with various musicians to create music tailored to the corporate film

We work together with numerous other artists including

  • models
  • dancers
  • desktop publisher