Business portrait with neutral background

For quickly photographing many of your employees, it’s best to work with a neutral background. Usually a white, gray or black background is used for this. Depending on the set-up, other colors can also be used that more closely match the corporate identity and corporate culture. These photos are ideal for organization charts, an internal Facebook or as a means of communication at consultancy agencies to external parties.


CORVIDINK always works on location. In concrete terms, this means that we do not work in a fixed studio but in your company. The only thing we need is a space that we can turn into a photo studio. We provide backgrounds, tripods, flashes, etc. ourselves. The creative team varies depending on the project. Usually a photographer and a light assistant are on set. A make-up artist is also recommended. For large projects we work with several photographers. In addition, an assistant may be present to select the photos together with the employee. In this way the photographer can continue to shoot and no time is lost.


They were already convinced.

Some examples

Gray background, white background, airy, serious, color, black and white, … Everything is possible.