A high end photo booth

Yes! We have our own photo booth! Why? Because the regular photo boots are simply TO regular and they are really not always as nice as claimed… This photo booth does have a professional camera, the lighting will be perfect, the prints are amazing and above all… It just looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? It’s the perfect piece to pimp your party! We are all real night owl by the way. Your party just kept on going and it’s getting a bit late? No worries, we can pick the booth up 24/7.

So how does it work?

It’s very simple… You touch the touchscreen, the booth start counting and after a couple of second a photo will be taken. We can customize the booth to your needs. Generally the booth makes 3 pictures. These pictures are automatically printed on 1 photo print. A 4th photo is added automatically to place your logo or a fun quote.


They were already convinced.

Our Booth